Teacher Comments
"The primary strength of this Professional workshop personally and professionally has been grasping a totally new exciting way to present a lesson".

-Sandra Baker, Teacher
Springfield Public Schools
Springfield, MO

 "(The workshop) "Increased awareness of the benefits of teaching to all intelligences / learning styles and increased the opportunity for individual creativity".

-Teri Evans, Teacher
Springfield Public Schools
Springfield, MO

"I loved it. It was really fun - Harlan made it very easy, pleasant, helpful, and enjoyable".

-Jill Denton, Teacher
Republic Elementary III
Republic School District
Republic, MO

"Thank you so much for the outstanding workshops and performance! The kids learn so much from this unit.  Our science lessons are greatly reinforced through dance and your ideas".

-Kathleen Swanson, Teacher
Valley Park Elementary
Blue Valley School District

"Excellent workshop!  Very basic and easily understood.  He is an outstanding presenter and should be brought back. In my lesson plans for next week, I plan to use these concepts with math, seasons and weather as Harlan Brownlee showed us."
-  Nancy Vannerson
McLean Elementary, 
Wichita Public Schools
Wichita, Kansas

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"Harlan's class has given children who find academic work difficult a chance to shine. It has really built up their self-confidence and self-esteem".

- Patricia Thomas, Teacher
P.S.1 Elementary
Kansas City, MO 

"This program was wonderful.   Harlan allows the children freedom while learning the concepts and workings of simple machines".

- Donna Beale, Teacher
Westridge Elementary, 
Raytown Public Schools
Raytown, MO

"Excellent presentation! Teacher (Harlan) was very accepting, encouraging, and appreciative."

-Rosalie LaPlant, Teacher
Doyle Elementary
East Prairie Public Schools
East Prairie, MO 

"The presenter (Harlan) was positive, encouraging, and knew how to have fun while teaching".

-Gayl Calvin, Teacher
Blue Springs Elementary
Blue Springs Public Schools
Blue Springs, MO