Teaching to the Kinesthetic Learner 
For Teachers of Grades K-6
2 hours of instruction time
Maximum number of workshop participants: 30
Wear comfortable clothes for movement.

Purpose of the Workshop
  • Share with teachers structures and activities that integrate the curriculum and dance concepts
  • Explore or experience the Elegant Fit between Dance and Curriculum Concepts

Workshop Objectives
As a result of this workshop, participants will:

  • The elements of dance 
  • A choreographic strategy of expressing curriculum concepts as movement themes and variations

Be able to:
  • Demonstrate, lead, and facilitate activities that develop and extend their students’ dance vocabulary and movement literacy
  • Integrate dance improvisation skills and the general curriculum  
  • Integrate features of the sky with simple choreographic processes

  • Dance as a means of communication that develops a student’s dance vocabulary and movement literacy
  • The engaging nature of movement as a tool to enhance effective teaching

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